Entering B-Tech(2017)

I was admitted to “Amrita school of engineering” on July 10th 2017.  This was my first time visiting Kerala.  I was feeling a bit confused about myself, since it was my first experience in the hostel, out of state. The first day we came to an ashram, there was a hostel accommodation, and next day it was induction program.20180110_165025

The second day is the day on which we were introduced to all the faculty and university. I was thrilled by seeing the college, but I did not like the hostel, it does not matter. And the next day my parents left me in a hostel. Before it, I got some friends, which are having the same attitude of mine. And I found my self-lucky to find friends like that.We all formed a group of four members and started to first working day of college. Among us, only two were in one class and other were in a different section.


One day we heard about Foss. Two of my friends do not have any computers background and as we all are having the same interest, which made us try and help each other to get into foss. We tried to complete the task on time and want to come into foss at a time, but two friends who did not have any coding background, they were working still to learn basics of coding.

In this process, we are having a day called cleanup camp and all my friends were participating in it. At first, I am not interested in all these, but my friends took me to the camp by saying that, “you don’t how we will enjoy”. And finally in the camp with my friends.20170815_162200

And at last, I was in the camp and I enjoyed a lot.



Install Mediawiki and Setup in 30min

This is based on the newbie contributors to Mediawiki. Before starting with the installation or building, you need to know some basics of, read what is Mediawiki and what are their features, which makes you easy to contribute.

We can install Mediawiki both in Windows and Linus based platforms. But, in this blog, we learn how to install Mediawiki in Linus based platforms.

Firstly step,

you need to install Apache, PHP, MariaDB(or MySQL) by the below command,

sudo apt-get install php php-apcu php-intl mariadb-server apache2

or by installing Lamp we can install all the requirements. Using below command you can install Lamp,

sudo aptget install lampserver^

Second step,

If you don’t have git installed in your system, it is easy to do using the following commands,


sudo apt update && sudo apt install git

configure, (Note: In the place of “Your Name” and “youemail@email.com”, keep your name and email respectively)

git config –global user.name “Your Name

git config –global user.email “youremail@email.com

to check the version of git,

git –version

to check the git configuration items,

git config -l

Third Step.

You have to setup Gerrit account through following steps,

ls ~/.ssh

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “your_email@youremail.com”

it will ask you to enter the paraphrase(password), just remember the paraphrase you type and press enter.

Open the public key file by,

cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

Now you need to create a Wikimedia account if you don’t have, whose username and password will be the same for Gerrit.

Next, you need to log into Gerrit. If you are not logged in, just log in with Wikimedia account details, and press the username on the top left. Click on settings, and choose the “SSH public keys” on the left bar, and paste the generated ssh key in the corresponding field.

Get ssh key running by,

eval ‘ssh-agent’

Add the private key to the agent by,

ssh-add .ssh/id_rsa

Now run the ssh with the Gerrit username

ssh -p 29418 <Username>@gerrit.wikimedia.org

The output should be similar to below,photo_2018-08-29_23-56-42

Fourth Step,

Download the code via typing the below command in the terminal,

wget https://releases.wikimedia.org/mediawiki/1.31/mediawiki-1.31.0.tar.gz

Now extract and remove the tar.gz file,

tar xvzf mediawiki-*.tar.gz && rm -r mediawiki-1.31.0.tar.gz

Next, you need to host the file, the steps are as follows,

  • firstly, you need to remove the sudo access to the “/var/www/html” file by typing this command in the terminal,

sudo chmod -R 777 /var/www/html

  • Next step is to copy the MediaWiki-1.31.0(the file extracted) to the “/var/www/html/”
  • Now change the file name to the “core “(This is only for the convenience).
  • Now type “localhost/core/” in the browser address bar, then the screen appears as below,

Screenshot from 2018-08-30 00-11-13

Amritavarsham 64


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“Amritavarsham” means It is Mata Amritanandamay alias Amma’s birthday, which was celebrated on 9th October.  Amma’s birthday means it’s not one day, rather it is the three-day celebration for the members participated in it.

Our participation:

Our college “Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham”  had celebrated the birthday of amma.  So,  We were given a chance to take part in the celebration.  My classmates and I have an opportunity to do trash picking and we have group coordinators and staff coordinators to do the best we can.  We started our participation on 7th October and ended it on 9th October.  All three days were very exciting.

Our shift was morning and we had a great time by watching many people who were very devotional in their behavior and actions.  We have done our work for four hours but, it passed out in the fraction of seconds.

Every day morning we woke up excitedly and will move to our work-place and do our work for four hours and in middle of four hours we have refreshments, which consists of biscuits, buttermilk, and many other.  We have two types of bags there are, black and green, which signifies for non-degradable and degradable waste receptively.  And we also motivated the shopkeepers and gave the bags to requested them to follow the same.  We carried the bags which are filled to the ABC(Amala Bharatam Camp) which were at certain places.

During Night:

After our participation in the daytime, from the evening we would be watching the programs held in the pandal.  Many people would be taking amma’s blessings and they also will be enjoying the programs held by the students.  Many programs such as dance, drama, prayers, and many more.

They are also different types of stalls in and out of the campus.  Different people come to the place and our campus was filled with people.  We all enjoyed a lot and made fun of ourselves.  We discovered a great joy.


With this, I conclude that I had heard about amma’s birthday but, this was my first experience with her celebration.  I am willing to participate this every year.